6 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Video Marketing

    by Team Liwa / September 25, 2018

    Why are videos liked universally? 

    The answers aren’t difficult to find. Ever since cinema was invented, it became the most popular vehicle for entertainment. Then video happened, the Internet, and eventually social media.   

    Today, videos populate Instagram, Snapchat, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and of course YouTube. In fact, videos have become our go-to resource for anything and everything. There is a video for virtually every subject under the sun. And all of us prefer looking at a video rather than read about something. 

    Static words less, moving visuals more

    Indeed, people are reading less and less and watching more and more. Over 75 million watch videos online every day in the US alone. Guesstimates put Internet video traffic at 80% of all consumer Internet traffic by year 2019. 

    Videos are a win-win idea: Simple and easy to consume for the viewer, and great ROI for the marketer. According to a recent finding, video are 600% more effective when compared to print and direct mail together (source: Diode Digital). 

    More numbers to baffle us: YouTube has a billion-plus users, a third of all web surfers. Over 500 million video-hours are spent on YouTube every day. So much for the video-social media equation. 

    Now let’s see how video marketing can help give your business the boost it needs. 

    1. Embed videos in your email 

    Just mention ‘video’ in your email subject line and see the click-through rate go up by 13%.

    2. Optimize your videos for mobile devices

    Almost half of all videos are watched on mobiles. So create your videos mobile-friendly. 

    3. Make your videos under 2 minutes long

    According to research, longer videos enjoy lesser viewership. For better engagement, restrict their length to 2 minutes or less.

    4. Videos help retain messages better

    On reading, research suggests, only 10% of a message is retained. With video, it shoots up to a whopping 95%. 

    5. Videos engage better, hence shared more

    Users engage more with videos on Facebook by as much as 33%. Correspondingly, social videos are shared 1200% more than images and text put together. 

    6. More visitors, more leads, more conversions – thanks to videos

    Videos drive organic traffic in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) by up to 157%! Also, websites with videos embedded in them see higher traffic – by around 55%.

    While increased through-traffic helps to deliver more leads, here’s solid evidence: Those marketers that use videos saw their revenues increase by up to 49% than those who never use videos.

    Interestingly, landing pages with videos led to conversions of about 80%.


    As is obvious by now, video is the way ahead in communication. And video marketing is not just a new buzz phrase. With the increasing dominance of everything web in our lives, we’re going to be online more than ever before.

    All of which means video marketing is here to say. Almost 76% of marketers already plan to include video in their communication matrix to help build their brand. Why should you be left behind?

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