Video is Content 2.0… Or storytelling beyond words
3rd October, 2019

Not so long ago, content used to be just words. Hundreds of them, packed into paragraphs that are heavy on the eye. With, at best, an image or two.

Flash forward to the smartphone and tablet era. Aided by high-speed Internet, today content has taken a whole new dimension



Visuals make messaging come alive

We’ve always known that visuals worked harder than words, simple because images imprinted better and faster on our brains. Not only do they register easily, they’re also retained and recalled quicker.  

We’re visual beings (a picture, after all, is worth a thousand words). People, places or products – the image is what does the job far more efficiently.

Video is the new content

Then the best got even better – enter video. If a visual has impact, moving visuals deliver the force of a sledgehammer.


It’s what had made cinema popular; now the same potent force is being employed by marketing. And with good reason

Storytelling – the most powerful way to communicate

Marketing borrowed yet another device from cinema: Storytelling. As consumers evolved, and grew more skeptical of ‘addy’ communication, marketing had to find other means to reach them.


This led to the importance of stories as the tool to convey messaging and convince consumers about one brand vis-à-vis others.

The message and the medium


Even as marketers were getting the messaging part right, their medium was about ready.


Fortunately for them, broadband Internet and the smartphone arrived almost simultaneously, paving the way for the smooth transition from words to visuals and eventually videos.  

Moving visuals move audiences


Get your message right and you’ll get the response right. Sounds basic, but there’s usually many a slip between the cup and the lip. Your video can move your audience – provided you work around the variables and get your mix optimized.


Lives have become fast-paced, attention spans and shorter than ever, and time is at a premium. All of which means – say your story quickly, engagingly, and with impact. Videos, when done well, do all of that and more.


Videos help you connect with your customers


When you’re able to ‘connect’ with your audiences, you taste marketing success. Videos allow you to clarify and amplify your messaging with enhanced impact – all it needs is effective storytelling.


Get the formula right, do it once, do it again. The consistency helps your brand voice to get ingrained in the minds of your target groups, generating and consolidating your equity.

video 1

Better search results? Play a video!


The Internet habits of users are evolving and search engines like Google recognize and respond to this. People’s preference for video is being acknowledged and played back with results that have videos embedded in them. It’s a reality you can no longer ignore.


In other words, webpages and social media with video messaging tend to show up faster – translating as more traffic and more business opportunities for you.

video 2

Go beyond. Go video!

At the speed with which the Internet is impacting our lives, video can no longer be an option in your content marketing portfolio. It’s a must in any serious marketer’s tools of the trade.


If competitive edge is your concern, if you want the Internet to be your ally, if you need search engines to to work for you… Videos are the answer. Press the play button!