Video content: Does your business need explainer videos?

    by Team Liwa / April 20, 2018


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    Videos are great to elaborate on your business or clarify any grey areas about it. They are a great tool to optimize your digital marketing efforts. This is the reason why most websites have a video on their homepage. Audiences today warm up to a video as against a whole page of text that could be taxing to read.

    And explainer videos, especially, are great at catching your audience’s attention. Just one explainer video on your homepage can increase the average visit time by 2 minutes.

    Use explainer videos to increase visibility on search engines

    And the longer your audience stays on your site, the higher it gets ranked on Google and other search engines. Plus, you can be present on YouTube – the second largest search engine and the third largest social networking site on the Internet. Reasons why both Google and YouTube are musts in your digital media mix.

    If done well, explainer videos can help increase conversion rates by up to 20%. In any case, when all your brand signals are used right, the video will enhance your brand visibility and awareness – as several companies in Dubai are discovering.

    If you’re in an expansion mode, or even in a client acquisition mode, you just can’t do without explainer videos. These comprise an important cog in the wheel of branded video content. And they don’t cost much in Dubai. Why not make a beginning with your first explainer video?


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