5 types of video content thAT engage viewers the most

Content marketing continues to evolve at a pace faster than anyone could imagine. And video continues to be the poster boy for content marketing – at...
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Animated social media video: The magic wand in your marketing mix

By now it’s common knowledge that the visual packs in more power than the verbal. As much as 90% of the information absorbed by the brain is visual....
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From virtual to real: How VR videos can help your business

We’ve all seen it. People with headsets moving around like zombies from another world. Well, it is another world – the world of virtual reality. VR...
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Boost your business with a B2B video!

Not long ago, videos were considered essentially for business-to-consumer applications. Today, business-to-business communication needs are...
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Corporate Video: How to make it work harder for you

  When it comes to videos, every aspect of the production can be a challenge. The very nature of corporate videos makes it not a very easy prospect.
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Explainer videos: How to create one for your business?

Explainer videos, to state the obvious, are short animations that explain something in a short and engaging manner. Simple visuals, straightforward...
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