#SurpriseIftar for DP World: Touching the lives of delivery men

7 June, 2018


You’re away from your family. You’re fasting during Ramadan. And yet you need to make food deliveries all over Dubai. It’s the ironical world of delivery men.

We came up with an idea to touch their lives during Ramadan for our client DP World. In association with Deliveroo, the leading delivery chain, we created an activation that made a true difference to them.

A very normal day in the lives of delivery men was transformed by a few surprise events during iftar. To set the context, we went about understanding ‘a day in the life of’ the delivery men. We followed them on their rounds and spoke to them about their work lives, people back home and so on.

One day, they received a usual delivery call at around iftar time. The entire evening unfolded when the delivery man reached his destination. Quite unusually, the client welcomed him inside and invited him to join their family iftar!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the host connected the phone to his family back in his home country and had the delivery man speak to his people – thus ensuring that he could share his surprise iftar moments with them.

The delivery man was stunned beyond words! He was moved to tears as he spent time with the host family, participating in their prayers and sharing their iftar.

The same series of events was repeated with a second delivery man, with identical results. The entire episode was made possible by DP World who understood the merit of the idea, and Deliveroo who also extended all support – working with us and keeping the whole episode under wraps.

What was refreshing about the idea is that, for the first time, it addressed a largely ignored section of our support system: The delivery men. All of us use their services; all of us see these daredevils maneuvering on the roads, rushing to make their deliveries to the deadline. We were happy to contribute to their otherwise lonely Ramadan, with the help of two brave clients who also wanted to make a meaningful difference to their lives.

See the full video here.