Hiring a video production company ? Here’s what you need to know
17th February, 2020

So you realize the importance of video in your marketing mix. Now you need to create a video to kick off your new campaign. Even if you’re dozens of videos old, there are still things you need to know before picking up the phone to call the first few names on your Google page. This may seem fundamental, but your videos would be only as good as your understanding of the basics. 


Video production companies in Dubai (as elsewhere) come in all shapes and all sizes. And one size never fits all. Some are so cheap, you suspect the quality. Some are so expensive, you wonder if you’re being ripped off. And there are so many floating between the extremes that the sheer choice can boggle your mind. 


How to choose the right video production company? As always, knowledge is power.


What’s your objective? Who is your target audience? Where will your video be used? Is it a product video or a corporate video? Shoot-based or animated? 


It’s important to get these fundamentals right because there are specialists in different types of videos. Some companies may be experts in corporate videos while others may be product video specialists. Some may excel in shoot-based videos while others may have a battery of animators. So clarity now helps avoid agony later. 



How much to spend? Obviously the more you can, the better your product would be – but with a rider. Go to the wrong video production company and you could be overspending for the same level of product quality. 


Check out a few at either end of the spectrum and you’ll get a feel of what you could get at what price. Another approach would be to announce your budget upfront and see their offer. Spend what’s necessary, but seek value for it.



What are their credentials? Who do they work with – and work for? What do you think of their quality? Are they speaking the same language as you? And what about their talent pool: Do they have an army of talented professionals in all departments?

You’ll get a fair idea when you see their recent showreel. Ask for one if you can’t fathom it from their website. (Often, websites themselves give an indication about the company) Check for similar projects done for clients like yourself. If you’re happy with what you see, chances are you could get a video that’s on par.




Have a grip on deadlines. It’s not a great idea to wait till the last week to commission a video – the process needs preparation. Corporate video production in Dubai, for example, needs pre-approvals and permits (if shooting outdoors) which can take a few days. Though video production companies are adept at procuring the necessary permissions, the exercise can throw up some nasty surprises. 


Video production begins weeks before the camera starts rolling. From taking your brief to script development to approvals, casting, location recce, identifying the right director and director of photography, crew, equipment, editor, music and sound design – the process is long and milestone driven. Allocate enough time for each stage. 

Video production companies in Dubai operate on upfront payments (at least in part) to account for initial expenses. So it’s an investment that you need to make much before you begin to see even a semblance of what you’re going to get. It does require a leap of faith – so it’s better that you’re armed with the right information.