COVID-19: Reassess your marketing strategy during the pandemic hiatus
8th April, 2020

One of the biggest challenges most brands are facing at the moment is to go on with their communication strategy. Even for marketing communication (irrespective of B2B or B2C); the thin line between sounding sensitive and salesy is perhaps the biggest challenge right now.

But, while we lay down low; there is plenty you can do on your back end without involving the end user at all. Through this article, we would cover how a COVID-19 strategy can help you approach your market communication strategy better:

The need for hiatus- the need to prioritize

  • Prioritize internal communication: You can never overdo it


Your brand culture is unique to you and your biggest resource is your internal workforce. Ensure that you re-evaluate and update your communication plans for your employees. Most importantly, remember that you need to be available at all times! Take this time out to see how your leadership is communicating with the employees as well as how your workforces are aligned. Additionally, as a goodwill measure, set up a 24/7 feedback helpline for your brand- that can be used by your consumers too. Redressal of grievances at this moment is going to be your best friend.

  • Revisit the sleeping campaigns and ideas


Be it for your website maintenance or even your database revamp, this down time is perhaps the best opportunity you’d get in a long time. I mean, we keep prioritizing and a hoard of tasks keep getting pushed behind. Hence, revisit the skeletons in your strategy closet and perhaps feed in a little fuel to inculcate them in your current approach.

  • You have a hiatus, your marketing budget does not need to!

Most marketers put a full freeze on their marketing spends in such times. However, we don’t think thats a very wise way of approaching this whole problem. Infact, take the time out and communicate about your care and show how you can serve a purpose. If your brand is big, then you would need to take an action fast and continually. It also helps if your competitors are not spending much- a bonus that would surely work for you. Spend much lesser on media buying and a lot more reach during this time! Basically, reassess your marketing strategy and align the expenditure with current requirements. 



Firstly, keep the human factor alive. It is crucial to address the issue at hand. Most brands are steering clear of any COVID communication at all. Even if they are trying communication; it is based more or less on what your consumer already knows!

So, we recommend that you give your communication a personal touch by following the aforementioned measures and use this time for tying loose ends that you couldn’t prioritize otherwise! We know its very tough to see a silver lining in the cloud during such times, but being optimistic while being reasonable is the best shade you can adopt for your marketing strategy at the moment.