Corporate Video: How to make it work harder for you
17th December, 2018


video marketingWhen it comes to videos, every aspect of the production can be a challenge. The very nature of corporate videos makes it not a very easy prospect.

Corporate videos are just that – videos about corporates and companies. These videos are made when firms want to tell the world about themselves. The only problem is, the world never wants to hear or see it. Unless, of course, it’s made well.

This is where some videos score over others. If it’s pure corporate speak, it gets one-sided.

Without any effort to engage the audience, or to make the video engaging, its key messages are lost. The video only succeeds in putting the viewers to sleep.

And that’s just the first challenge. The conventional issues related to creating a good video stay, but the corporate video is a different animal and comes with its own set of challenges. Let’s look at them in detail.

Challenge #1: Corporate Spiel or Corporate Story?

Every company wants to speak about itself, but how interesting is that? If you want to tell your audiences about yourself, package it in a story. Here’s a good example. Say it endearingly, say it well. Then it would involve your audience, and get them interested in your company. Almost anything you may want to convey can be conveyed better through storytelling. Try it next time and see how engagement goes through the sky.

Challenge #2: Who wants to see yet another factory?

Agreed, the shop floor isn’t the most interesting place you can find. But that hardly means it can’t be made interesting. Ultimately, it’s people who are working there, and people are interesting. Their stories are interesting. Maybe you can weave something around them and show the factory through that lens? Anything can be made exciting provided the right thought is put into it.

Challenge #3: Boring drone or engaging narrative?

We’ve all heard terse, authoritarian voices delivering corporate videos with deadpan expressions. While that may be the norm, it doesn’t exactly add up to engagement. On the other hand, if you were doing some serious storytelling, your narrative changes flavor automatically. You’ll then be able to choose between empathetic, emotional or humorous or any other tone of voice that befits your story.

Challenge #4: Script or clientspeak?

Some corporate videos are just a bunch of people speaking on camera, stitched together with inane music in the background. Of course, you need to have the CEO articulating the vision and the senior management supporting that vision with concrete steps. But this can’t be the construct of the video. It still needs more meat than that for your audiences to get an idea about who you are and what you do. Great scripts make great videos, so work on the writing before you get to filming.

Challenge #5: Employees or actors?

Most companies want to showcase their own people. Noble thought: Except that in some cases, you probably need trained actors to pull it off. Or in other cases, where employee attrition is an issue. The day your final edit is signed off, an employee who’s in the video has quit. And there you go, chasing the editor to get that part replaced. It could even affect the flow, warranting a complete re-edit. Or sometimes, you just need a professional anchor to know the entire video together. So choose wisely.

Your corporate video is your voice out there in the marketplace. You are judged by it, your weight is assessed by it. Never neglect it and make it an uninspiring piece of footage. Never give it step-motherly treatment and end up with stuff that no one wants to watch. Lend it enough respect and it will repay you in more ways than one.