Compelling Reasons B2B Marketers Should Incorporate Video in Their Marketing Campaigns
3rd March, 2020

70% of buyers watch videos on their path to make a purchase, according to a recent Google study. That statistic is too important to ignore.

Video advertising has been a central element in the marketing campaigns for B2B marketers. This is not 2012 anymore and today if you’re not implementing videos in your marketing campaigns then you’re missing out on a lot.

In this article, we dive deep to understand the top 5 reasons B2B marketers are investing in video advertisers.

Consumers Prefer Video

As a format of consuming content, about 86% of consumers have reported they prefer watching video. More B2B marketers today are investing in corporate video production than ever before. 


The ‘show rather than tell’ formula works well in B2B industries. Using video helps B2B companies explain their product or service in a manner that is direct and effective. Even consumers report to prefer short videos with explanations. Videos liven and make interesting otherwise dry and functional B2B products and services.


Rise of Social Media

A greater number of marketers and B2B companies have warmed up to the idea of using social media channels as part of their inbound marketing strategy. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter are great platforms that offer high-quality video streaming and interactive features that appeal to consumers. 

Video harnesses close to 1200% more sales as compared to text and images. 85% of marketers published content on YouTube. No other medium has grown as much as social media video. Video production services are more in demand today than ever before owing to this.


Video Integrates Well With Your Marketing Efforts

By linking video with email, posting video on social media, airing video as a commercial, and using video to gather interest in real-time events, video can be used to augment and supplement your other marketing efforts. 


Studies show that B2B consumers need more interactivity with a brand across various channels as compared to traditional consumers. 

The advantage of using video is that it is a very versatile media format.


It makes your other marketing efforts and media pieces more valuable. Putting video on a platform augments the use of the platform considerably. It helps you maximize gains from your budget and time.

Video can be targeted to individual buyer personas


With technology reaching the peaks it is enjoying currently, video can be tailored to individual buyer personas for greater impact. 

Personalising videos for buyers, based on their unique backgrounds, environments, and needs gives them a unique positive experience of your brand. 

It creates a powerful feeling in your customers who feel that your product solution or organisation truly fits them in a way no competitor can. 

Such personalized videos are also more shareable and show your consumer base why your business is better than others in the market. 




83% of video marketers claim that video helped them generate leads. 80% say that video generates a good ROI.  An important indicator to understand the effectiveness of video is watch time over the number of views. 


The benefits video will bring to your over-arching marketing strategy is undeniable. Through great video marketing you can invest in a leading-edge, modern marketing strategy which will empower you to capture leads in a highly effective manner. 


The path ahead lies in crafting a strong plan which includes what brands hope to achieve with video and how they intend to track progress towards their goals.