Boost your business with a B2B video!
28th January, 2019

Not long ago, videos were considered essentially for business-to-consumer applications. Today, business-to-business communication needs are increasingly being met by videos. And the reasons aren’t hard to find.

Technology has made video production accessible and affordable. B2B marketing itself has undergone a change, with the acceptance that those running businesses are human too, and are swayed by the same motivations as those running consumer product firms.

Businesses today are aware of the importance of websites, but not all of them are familiar with the role a video plays. Their websites are getting robust but it is important to understand that no landing page is complete without a video.

Less reading, more watching

Did you know, for instance, that the average user reads only around 20% of your webpage? Yes, you can keep the text to the minimum, but can you afford to not tell your complete story?


This is where videos made a difference. The written word can carry your message across, but in today’s times of moving media, plain text can be somewhat limiting. Imagine conveying your key messages through both sight and sound, adding more dimensions to your story.

It is how your communication can come alive. What was perceived earlier to be uninteresting and monotonous, suddenly becomes interesting and engaging. Even interactive, if today’s emerging technologies in video production are anything to go by.

Simplifying the complex

In place of cold, less engaging text, we have emotional and moving content in video. Even B2B communication, which was considered boring to everyone except the business itself, has taken on newer forms of expression. It is very common to come across warm, emotive videos for businesses as disparate as offshore drilling to heavy engineering.

 In addition to emotion, these videos are easy to digest – especially in B2B. Many businesses come with concepts that needs simplification, and videos are tailor made for that.

There are instances where the intricacies of how a machine works need to be explained. In this scenario, videos can do the job best. Or may be you need to demonstrate a process, which can be made interesting through video.

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Interactive, immersive content

New technologies in video production make further interaction possible. Virtual Reality has added a new dimension, bringing products and processes closer to the viewer.

Everything from new launches and product demos to explaining the working of machinery has become more inclusive and immersive. Viewers can now experience better as compared to just a two-dimensional video viewing available so far.

The interactive video is the new kid on the block. Retailers have begun using this amazing new technology to induce buying, right off the video that’s sitting on their social channels on on their website.

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With a purchase option available bang in the middle of a video, even as the viewing is in progress, yet another step in decision making is eliminated. The customer is taken closer still to the all-important buying process.

Beyond retail, interactive videos have other uses too. Just to give an example, company introductions can be handled optimally through interactive videos. The camera just walks through the corridors of a corporate office and meets people along the way, who then introduce themselves.

The viewer, at a mere click, chooses which departments to visit and which people to meet. A similar approach can be taken to employee induction programs, at a purely internal communication level.

Next steps – get your dose of info on everything video

With the communication landscape changing rapidly, video is here to stay as the go-to means of conveying key messages easily and effectively. And B2B is no exception to this reality.

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