How To Find The Best Animation Explainer Video Company?
30th December, 2020

With over 70% viewers preferring video & animation formats over regular posts, video production is a crucial part of every new and upcoming business. There is a huge potential that video marketing has in store for many brands, especially in the digital age. Today, the market is saturated with videos, wherein we see every layman post videos and stories online. This invariably makes it difficult to stand out of the clutter and really deliver attention grabbing content to the viewers.

Hiring the right video company may be taxing due to the various factors needed to be considered. But it goes a long way when it comes to effectively reaching your target audience and achieving success for your business. Whether you are getting a brand movie made or an animated explainer video for a new product, getting the right team is vital to how well your final visual content will look and perform. Take some time to get the right production team to work on your video marketing content.

Below are a few tips for finding the right company that will create valuable animated explainer video content for you:

1. Define your goals

By defining your video marketing goals, you can narrow down the kind of video your business needs. From there on, you can zero in on the type of video production services that would be work on your kind of project. This can save you a lot of time – and time is money.

Additionally, everybody should begin a project with set goals from the beginning, so there is no way this first step can hurt. Plan early.

2. Set a clear budget

Most people find this the most difficult part of hiring an explainer video company. Some people do not consider paying someone to produce their videos as an investment, but instead an expense. But fact is, it’s a good investment for your business.

Ensure that your budget is realistic for the video you have in mind. And remember that when it comes to services, you get what you pay for.

3. Find their most recent projects

Visit the website of a video production company to view their most recent works. Recent projects show an accurate representation of the scale and talent they will bring to your video production.

4. Credibility in the market

The company’s credibility and reputation are of utmost importance with regards to animated explainer video production. Even though the general purpose of explainers is to be direct, the way of making them can be complex.

5. Clients in the portfolio  

A video production company’s portfolio ought to be the primary thing you see when thinking about working with them. This will give you a glimpse of their previous work, and the kinds of customers they have worked with previously. It is a good idea to check whether they have created accomplished work in your industry as well, as this experience may help towards the creation of an explainer video for you.  An expert showreel can help you get an outline on their work. Explainers are not just about visuals, so you additionally need to assess the scripts in the video, type of voiceover and music.

7. Awards

Engaging stories do not need to be brand specific. But it is important to have a great storyline with compelling script to instantly capture the audience’s reactions and leave them in awe.

A well reputed video production company having strong credentials is likely to be awarded for their work. Select a video production company that has various types of video content for a lot of brands which include animated explainer videos, live action, stock footage and a combination of all of these to form unique video content specific to your brand

8. Strategy and approach

When companies add strategy to storytelling for a brand, effective communication takes place between the brand and the viewer A company that has hands-on experience and expertise, will usually have a structured approach and strategy to achieve your business needs most effectively. Once the right strategy is followed, it can help you minimize risk, improve quality and budget efficiency, drive conversions for measurable results. Ultimately, increasing ROI and your business success.

9. Case studies

When it comes to hiring a video company for making your explainer video, go a few steps beyond just looking into their portfolio. Dive into the case studies of projects for which they have worked and live ongoing projects they are yet working on, if any. This defines the ability of the video company to stand out and create original, meaningful content for your brand.

As one of the most trusted and reputed video production companies in the Middle East, we are proud to have worked with esteemed brands such as Emirates NBD, DEWA, Dubai Customs, Injazat and others. Here is one of our case studies on animated videos created for Emirates NBD

10. Type of projects handled

Depending on the client’s brief and brand story, the video production takes place. Sometimes, explainer videos are a combination of both animation and live action or stock footage. In some cases, it uses just animation and graphics along with the music, character selection, casting and voice overs

11. Industry experience

An organization’s experience level is critical – you need to be certain about the level of involvement in explainers and assess if their efforts can meet your expectations. The more the experienced, the better the company will be equipped with respect to creating the videos your brand needs with effective and faster results. Explainer videos need to sell without selling, recount a story, and evoke compassion in your clients, which is not a simplistic accomplishment.

12. People behind the organization

Any company is as good as the people who work in it. You need these people to be energetic about your brand and ramped up for making an explainer for you. If they are passionate about undertaking the projects offered, at that point you can expect better content and better outcomes. When they are enthusiastic about the venture, this will radiate through and show in the ultimate creative result.

13. Get multiple quotes

This is the only way to ensure your project is priced right. Going through the bidding process can be time-consuming, but it will be worth it in the end because prices can vary. Consider the price together with the quality of their previous projects. Select the company that offers the best value for the price that fits your business needs.

14. Flexibility

This is a common yet overlooked factor that is hugely significant. You must ensure the organization is an ideal choice for you. This can be basic like whether they radiate the right vibe, and if you feel like their work ethic fits yours.

The better the fit, the closer you are to getting a mind-blowing explainer video that goes above and beyond your expectations. The right kind of flexibility in a company will always take that extra mile to realize your video potential and the projects you will eventually get to work with together on.

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Written by: Josh Gyang & Vijay Kumar