9 Great Reasons Why You need Explainer Videos

    by Team Liwa / September 6, 2018
    Everyone needs information – be it individual consumers or B2B players. And in today’s digital age, websites are the first touch point to get informed.

    The next question: How does the world know you exist? Yes, you have a website, but how to direct people there so that they know about you and potentially do business with you?

    This is where search engine optimization (SEO) plays a huge role. Your website needs to be ‘optimized’ for Google so that it shows up in searches – and an effective way to do that is with an explainer video on your home page.

    But first the basics: What is an explainer video?

    Well, it’s a short animation that explains something in a simple and engaging manner – in no longer than 90 seconds.

    While the visuals are appealing and attractive, the language is clear and direct. It’s meant to educate, so it’s informative or it addresses a problem. Our series of ‘How To’ videos for Emirates NBD is an excellent example.

    How explainer videos can boost your business

    In today’s increasingly digital world, where the bulk of information searching happens online, explainer videos are a must.

    Explainer videos are the simplest, most effective way to present your business to the world. Here are 9 key reasons why you need one:

    1. More visibility, SEO friendly

    Did you know? Videos enjoy better click-through rates – as high 96%! Just goes to show that people are watching more videos. And explainer videos are easier and less expensive to create. Embed one on your home page and see how engagement rises on your website.

    2. Simple, memorable, effective

    Explainer videos, by nature, are simple. They convey information without fuss or frills. And yet, they are more effective than text – since it’s visual and audio, the information is retained longer. Making your communication efficient in the long run.

    3. Effortless – who reads today?

    Reading takes time and effort – both of which are in short supply today. To convey more information in less time, and with least effort, you need video. Explainer videos do a great job of ‘explaining’, making for easier consumption of data.

    4. Involves and engages better

    Consumers today have less time and even lesser inclination to read text. So it follows that videos are welcomed by them – you’ll know all you want to in a matter of minutes. And if done effectively, your explainer video will engage them better and result in further enquiry.

    5. Made for mobiles

    Of the 6.5 billion people on the planet, 5 billion own a mobile phone. Smartphones are most common today, and most online activity happens in the palm of your hand. This means, any web communication you create has to be mobile-friendly – and explainer videos are.

    6. Shareable if liked

    In the rapidly changing landscape of online communication, consumers are choosing what they want to see. If they like your video enough, they’ll act as your unpaid ambassadors and share it with their friends. Videos are the easiest to share – at just one click.

    7. Higher search engine ranking

    Since videos engage users better, placing a video on your home page enhances search results dramatically. If you like to be on page one of search results, embed a video on your website. The more these videos are seen, the higher your rank.

    8. Better conversion rates

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is many million words packed into a few minutes. Our brains process visuals, as per recent research, about 50,000x faster than words. So videos are the way to go if you need more engagement and, consequently, better conversions.

    9. Builds brand trust

    How to create brand love in today’s time-famine? Through warm, evocative videos that capture your brand essence and appeal to both emotions and logic. Show your consumers that you value them and start building relationships with them through videos.

    Remember: Over 1 billion visitors hit YouTube every month. It means 6 billion hours of video viewing. That’s a statistic you can’t afford to ignore. You may be new to videos, but you can make a small beginning with explainer videos. Talk about your offering, feature client testimonials, showcase your team and talent – it’s all possible on video.

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