5 types of video content thAT engage viewers the most

20 June, 2019

Content marketing continues to evolve at a pace faster than anyone could imagine. And video continues to be the poster boy for content marketing – at last count, as much as 72% of businesses recorded hit increased conversions through video.

The trick is to know what type of videos are consumed more by viewers. Costs and creativity are the biggest stumbling blocks in video – most likely your own hurdles as well. Resourceful production houses offer lower costs and deliver higher creativity (Can’t find any? Talk to us!)

Vlog – or the blog as a video

Too many blogs in the world? Too few are reading? Show and tell, not write and tell. We already know that people read less and see more, so it’s about time you ventured to video blogs, or vlogs as they’re called. Vlogs are cheap and cheerful, involving basic equipment and minimal crew. All it needs is a speaker who represents you – someone who can be articulate and presentable in front of the camera. This person can present your point of view, or your new product launch, or any news that you may want to publish to the world.

Of course, it’s imperative that you have something meaningful to say because vlogs are like blogs and demand higher frequency. If you can contract it out to a video production agency, it can work out to be inexpensive. And yet pack in decent production value.

Culture – inseparable from a company

How often did you think that you have a great culture at work, but it isn’t being appreciated enough? It could be that most of your co-workers don’t pause to notice it. It could be that your management doesn’t do enough to promote it. But this hardly means that it’s not treasured. All it needs is a series of inexpensive videos that can capture the culture. This is where a ‘culture video’ becomes a useful tool to help preserve and propagate a company’s way of life.

These can be interesting little snippets about what happens at work, fun events, office parties, snappy chats your people, or even ‘a day in the life of’ videos about your employees. If done well, these can be engaging clips that showcase a slice of life – of course, packaged with attractive top-and-tail messaging.

Peer interviews – from one senior to another

All of want to know the views of the seniors of our respective industries – it always makes for engagement. You can do this very easily with the leaders of your company.

Identify a senior manager who has a camera presence and get him to interview other seniors. It could turn out to be funny or serious, but it would be engaging either way. Again, if done well, these videos can gain traction – not just among people in your own industry, but among potential clients as well. What a pleasant surprise when you land up at a business development pitch and your audience already knows you via these peer interviews!

There are other uses for these videos too. You can house them on your website under ‘Leadership Series’, for example. Or you may publish them on your LinkedIn page and attract more visitors and viewers. It’s a sure fire method to enhance engagement with your company and start building a positive disposition towards it.

Event videos – make your special occasion outlive itself

You are bound to have corporate events from time to time. From product launches to anniversaries, to marketing conclaves to sales conferences, your company’s calendar is likely to be dotted with happenings worthy of preservation.

Your event could be B2B or B2C, but recording it is bound to have a utility beyond its immediacy. Your audience comprising clients, associates, suppliers, employees (current and potential) and even competitors would be interested to get a lowdown on important occasions. And these videos would be tailor made to cater to this requirement.

Animated videos – for just about any need

Never underestimate the power of animation videos. By its very nature, an animated video is considered light – and not heavy duty marketing spiels by viewers. While this opinion lasts, you can take advantage of this low-cost, high-impact option.

You may need to explain how your business functions, or to demonstrate your new product. You may want to simplify something complicated, or just want to conduct a tutorial. Whatever your requirement is, an animation video does the job perfectly (often with a big saving in your budget).

Animated videos are also more controllable and amenable to frequent change. Say, your product has undergone an upgrade, or a process has changed. Or you require to change some key figures in your product video. All of this is easier to execute in an animation.

Of course, there are several other video types that are popular and whip up engagement. Suffice it to say that the rub is in creating them well.

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