2020: The decade of video
9th January, 2020

Video is already the toast of marketing – and it’s not difficult to see you why. Attention spans are appallingly low. And reading volumes of text is unfriendly, especially on small mobile screens.

The case for video

Capture 2-videoscreen

Those and more reasons favour video, making it critical how you conceptualize, create and disseminate your visual content. That determines how the videos are consumed, which in turn impacts your ROI.

It goes without saying that how your consumers connect with the videos you host, determines the foundation of your relationship with them.

Videos are everywhere

Today, browsing the web equates with binge watching videos on loop. From company website to social platforms, countless videos are being beamed at you – for whenever you may want to watch them.

Video comes with the power to engage you at a deeper, meaningful level. No wonders videos are being used to promote education, entertainment, brands or even charities.



The internet is fast turning into an endless video service, if it hasn’t already – something that wasn’t imaginable even ten years ago. It’s driven by mobile phones and tablets on the one hand, and high speed connections on the other.

And YouTube claimed 1 billion+ hours of video watched on the site everyday back in 2017!



While YouTube continues to the repository of everything video (driven by parent Google), today you don’t need to visit the site at all. Any search throws up video in the top results, largely pushed by Google itself. In addition, social media vehicles like Snapchat and Instagram thrive on videos, attesting to their endless popularity.


If you’re keen to begin and sustain customer relationships that matter, video is your go-to resource. Digital video advertising works for any business – B2B, B2C and anything in between.

Video is here to stay – indeed it’s the king communicator of the decade – so why not embrace it? And make it work for you?