Top 5 Reasons To Date some type of computer Geek
10th October, 2021

From the the days when having a serious curiosity about personal computers and technology was considered a negative thing.  I never ever comprehended exactly what those dudes within my twelfth grade happened to be undertaking, hunched over their unique old-school mac computers and writing about RAM.  It seemed like a different vocabulary and therefore nerdy!  Fast forward a few years, and dudes that are interested in techy, computer stuff come in high demand and there’s only some thing about those alleged “nerds” that a lot of women cannot get enough of, including myself!  Exactly what do I say, i’ve a weakness for a man that knows their way around a difficult drive and also his way with HTML.  Listed here are my top five reasons why you should date some type of computer geek…and I should know, i am internet dating one of my very own!

1. He can correct every little thing.  This might be especially handy for girls like me that have a propensity to break circumstances a lot ???? .  But here’s finished ., even if the guy doesn’t understand how to fix something-for instance, your vehicle or laptop, he’s going to google it until he’s bluish for the face.  He will pull up lessons on Youtube, download detail by detail pdfs, to get the task accomplished.  A pc nerd won’t ever state “I’m not sure tips do this…”, the guy constantly figures it out-and that type of dedication is fairly really gorgeous.

2. He’s his fingers on the heartbeat of society. We start thinking about myself an extremely Internet experienced girl and a whole social networking addict. Desktop geeks take it to a higher level though.  They understand just what websites to go to once, the best possible and the majority of latest details.  My personal date constantly g-chats me links through-out your day of busting news stories that i’ven’t also heard about, no matter if i am closed into twitter/facebook/foursquare…which I always in the morning! I’ll never know-how the guy will it, but I anticipate my gchats everyday.

3. They don’t really need continuous interest.  You know how some guys require non-stop compliments and attention?  Maybe not pc geeks. They will have discovered to play by themselves, basically great when you need receive your own stuff done!   This business would be the happiest when it is simply  them, some songs in addition to their additional hard drives.  Hmm..that sounded quite dirtier than I meant!  You may not need certainly to constantly entertain them-they will never run out of things to explore online.

4. You may never get lost.  A few weeks ago, my date required on a birthday visit to San Francisco.  We had little idea where to go to consume, to buy, to explore and don’t carry out a great deal thinking ahead period.  I became slightly stressed that we’d miss out on some very nice locations, although not at all!  The guy just busted out their new iphone 4, google maps, yelp, urban scoop and navigated you across the town like he was my private trip guide.  It had been so fun, and I felt thus cared for.  If you are browsing do this though and entirely count on handheld technology, ensure you grab the telephone charger on your way out the door.

5. Might constantly get a tremendous amount.  Before we started matchmaking my date, I found myselfn’t the most significant follower of internet shopping.  It appeared a discomfort inside butt and more pricey once you considered shipping and I also enjoyed the minute satisfaction you will get from taking walks into an outlet and walking out with something new.  My sweetheart introduced us to the industry of Ebay (yes, I hadn’t made use of Ebay before, don’t assess), searching on the internet for coupon codes for discounts and free delivery, and showed me the beauty of checking out reviews-now I read evaluations on almost anything before I purchase it, it’s some new weird dependency.  Certain, I might must hold off a couple of days for any post to reach but I’ve conserved much cash since I began making use of his little tips and tricks that I’ll never get back to my personal outdated shopping habits!

 maybe you have dated a pc nerd?

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