How Much Do Corporate Videos Cost?
4th February, 2021

Video production costs have been steadily decreasing. While this does sound great, it means anybody with a camera can make a video for business. As a result, it’s getting harder for companies to know where to find good video production help. As they say, you get what you pay for! Despite that being true, technological advancement has improved average video quality dramatically. So today, it is more of a win-win situation for your average video shoot. 

But in the professional world, you need to consider many factors in real-time for the right corporate video. So, before you start looking for someone to help you develop your next marketing video, one of the biggest challenges for businesses is determining a proper budget for their next video project.

How much will a corporate video production cost in Dubai? Well, it honestly depends since there are different factors to consider, such as:

  • Storytelling script 
  • The location
  • Casting, makeup, wardrobe 
  • Set for the shoot
  • Type of video
  • Company objective
  • The length of the video
  • Equipment
  • No of days shoot requirement 
  • Graphics, sound effects & music
  • Director of photography
  • Cinematographer 
  • Editor
  • Color grading
  • Music 

a) Storytelling

What story does your brand want to tell its audience through the corporate video? What key message does it want its viewers to take away? What approach and type of video do you aim to achieve? Will it be shoot based or include animation, stock footage, and other special graphic effects or a combination of different elements? These are some essential questions to answer when considering the costs and other aspects of corporate video production. Although it’s an excellent choice to go with professional services and hire experts, it is still necessary to understand what you as a brand want to achieve and how you will achieve the results.

Every brand tells a story. For that story to be engaging, a certain relatability and emotional appeal need to be portrayed when creating brand videos, even corporate videos, if the brand tonality fits right. The final objective is well delivered through this approach. Thus, the storytelling approach is exceptionally well received and recognized just like this corporate video for Al Seer, which is well understood and related by a universal audience who are family-oriented

b) The location

Video is a visual medium. Insist on strong visuals to support every aspect of your project. Choosing the right filming location is especially crucial in the video production process, and yet it is one aspect of video production that we often overlook. 

An office environment is great for corporate video shoot if it suits your brand story and objective. Otherwise, find a location that looks vibrant and reflects the mood you are trying to set in your video. Ask business associates for a favor or get permission to shoot somewhere or pay for a location services company to find the perfect spot to shoot. 

c) Types of videos

There are more than just the necessary short and long format videos in the digital age. It is essential to produce a video relevant to your business objective, purpose, and target audience. 

Some videos are entirely animated, and some business videos require only a modest amount of animation. Then there are the Live Shoot based and stock footage videos. While live shoot is shot in real-time, stock footage usually requires sourcing images and videos from the image libraries and stitching different footages together to create your corporate brand masterpiece! 

You can employ an infinite number of styles – each available at considerable cost (and quality) levels. Businesses typically end up going with the ‘house’ style of the video production company they hire.  

Finally, one long format video can also be split up and sliced into different ways to repurpose for specific social media platforms as the company seems fit. Usually helps one reap long-term benefits and use one video shoot, mainly for seasonal or remarketing content. Such a strategy is beneficial, and many brands implement this for better sales and marketing promotions.

d) Company objective

It does not matter that your video looks good. It only matters that your video accomplishes something in terms of measurable business objectives and how this video specifically will achieve that objective.

This corporate video of Kreston Menon uses testimonials and informational content to explain what the brand is about and what it can offer to its potential customers straight from the start to the end. It is concise, direct, and crystal clear in its brand story and message delivery

e) The length of the video

The most crucial factor is the total amount of time required for production. The longer the video, the more it will cost you to make. Although this varies considerably depending on your video’s type and purpose, corporate videos tend to be around a couple of minutes in length. Additionally, the animated video’s length is crucial to consider due to the number of frames required to create and subsequently disintegrate for the sake of animation and other special effects. 

f) Set, cast, and equipment

Costs will depend on the shoot’s unique requirements and range from cheap to moderate to expensive depending on who is shooting the video, whether independent or by hiring a crew. Moreover, other unique props or pieces of equipment that need to be included in your shoot must also be factored in when calculating the total cost for the video production. Cast costs need to be considered on the type of casts you choose. 

g) Graphics, sound effects, and music

Music and sound effects are especially crucial to set the overall mood of your video. Music sets the tone and tells the viewer how to feel as they watch your video. The music complements what is happening on screen and can be the most critical component of your video.

h) Director of photography

Most corporate businesses hire a specialized professional or team of professionals for their corporate video production. For an excellent professional corporate video shoot, photography is essential for directing and producing the entire video, especially in live shoot-based corporate video production. They provide the vision for video production with their creative insight and experienced outlook. As a next step, asking yourself and your team these two critical questions is incredibly important and will make it easier to determine the cost needed for your corporate video production in the long run despite the place. 

1. What type of video do you need?

This is a simple question. In this case, we need to produce a corporate video. However, what will be the length of the video? Will it be a short 15 to 30 seconds testimonial clip or a more extended 30 to 60 seconds corporate interview? Is it being shot in a professional studio or a corporate location or in-house at your very own office? A short corporate video in Dubai might cost you very little instead of a long-format corporate interview to be shot.

Figuring out what kind of video you need is going to help you determine length, location, talent, and dozens of other factors that will add to your final cost.

For example, here is a corporate video case study. Here, animation and live shoot-based videos are incorporated together to get the best shot at a professional corporate video highlighting their USPS. Another example is the brand Dubai Careers, where both video formats are done for an engaging and infotainment video that conveys hard-hitting yet straightforward message. 

Injazat, where the corporate brand image of a high technology company is created very well through the smooth integration of animation and stock footage

In these videos, both elements of stock footage and animation play are well integrated to create an impactful and engaging corporate brand video that fits the different purposes and company objectives each of these brands aimed at highlighting.

2. Who will be producing the video?

This next question is another crucial step in understanding the cost of producing your corporate video in Dubai and how it will turn out. Will it be an informal video being shot by one of the HR department colleagues with a standard camera or a freelance videographer? Is there a professional production team getting the job done with their range of high-strong equipment?

As per the standard rates in Dubai, a single simple videographer/photographer will cost you around much less per hour than hiring professional videography services. Either could be an excellent option depending on the kind and scale of the video you aim to achieve. However, we usually get what we pay; Hence, for good quality work within the stipulated amount of time, it is best to ask for work samples before rushing in and hiring someone to produce the video.

There are many producers available who would charge much less for your video and vice versa! Ultimately, you need to spend your budget wisely to ensure the video comes out as per your requirements. Keep in mind not to make hasty decisions solely on the price. Ensure you get a breakdown of different production aspects, such as video script, location, casting, DOP, Music, equipment, Voice artist & the video’s treatment.

Animation stock footage, travel, and many other additional costs you may have to bear as part of the process. Getting a full breakdown of each aspect will make it much better to compare the prices and services they offer so that you can choose the right one for your video needs.


To sum it all up, corporate videos of the same length can have different costs depending on the type of video, objectives, and budget. 

The cost for 2D animated corporate videos depends on the video’s treatment and the complexity of the animation required. Such videos can range anywhere between $ 5,000 to 10,000. Stock footage based corporate video cost depends on the kind of stock footage needed and the brand story, message you intend to convey through your corporate video. Emirati stock footage is slightly expensive. 

However, depending on the video’s treatment and considering other factors like character animation, these videos will cost approximately between the range of $7,000 $15000. Finally, shoot-based videos generally range from $15,000 to $100,000 or more, depending on the kind of video your company wishes to shoot.

If you wish to get the best of both worlds in your corporate video, why not contact us at Liwa? We can mix up the different video formats and play with videos that best suit your company. 

At Liwa, we can also help you shoot a live video showcasing your corporate culture or employee testimonials while including animated content highlighting company statistics and achievements. In this manner, you can create an incredible corporate video that will not be as expensive and may be well within your pre-decided budget! 

Written by: Joshua Gyang & Vijay Kumar