Creating Killer Explainer Videos
27th January, 2020

Can you explain your product or service in 60-90 seconds? (Honestly, you don’t need more time than that.) Welcome to the digital world’s elevator pitch – explainer videos.

Start with a killer script

The best explainer videos come out of great scripts. And you need a professional scriptwriter (often attached to an explainer video production company) to do this – they can give your offering a fresh look and deliver a script with impact. 


Great scripts, in turn, come from great briefs. Your creative brief should include key information like your target customer, your specific solution for him or her, major benefits, topical offers if any, and a call to action. The brief helps you focus on what’s important in your script.


Say less, convey more 

As a marketer, you may want to tell all. But remember, this explainer video is a snapshot of your business. So stay with the most important points – those that get your audience to respond. 


Also, research shows that videos of up to 60 seconds enjoy about 85% attention. It steadily goes down as videos get longer. So ideally, your video should be around a minute long. 



While the creative brief ensures that you stay on track with the script, here are four things your explainer video should convey:

  • Problem: What’s your customer’s pain point?
  • Solution: You answer to address it. 
  • Elaborate: How does your solution works to the customer’s benefit?
  • Call to action: What should your customer do to avail of it?school



Detailing is most critical. A professional video content agency can come up with a stunning look that radiates authority and trust to the viewer. Same with the audio. A cool voice over, aided with some upbeat music, leaves your customer with the impression of you as a brand or service that can be relied upon. 


Videos for professional use can’t be shot on your mobile phone. Be it an explainer video or corporate video, you require a video production company to do justice to your task. 

It’s easy when you know. Armed with this information, you can approach an explainer video production house in Dubai and get started. Good luck!